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Tarraco Iuris Lawyers Firm

Tarraco Iuris Lawyers Firm

International Lawyers Firm founded in 1994 by Carlos Prieto Cid.

Specialists in civil contracts, tax advice and international property management.

Professional services with certified quality standards.

Wide territorial coverage throughout the European continent.

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Carlos Prieto Cid
Graduated in the Universities of Barcelona (E), Heidelberg and Saarbrücken (D) and Fribourg (CH). Has worked for Banks and Import-Export firms.

Beatrix Härtl

Rocío de Mantaras Macián


Address of Tarraco Iuris Advocats:

5-B, Macià Mallol i Bosch Street; Tarragona 43005 (Spain)

Phone +34.977.243.021

Our legal Solutions

Comprehensive Advisory Service for Property Owners Property Conveyance in Spain Heirs in Spain Creation of a firm

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